fake uggs is popular in surfing enthusiasts

What is the origin of UGG UGG brand is? The beginning of UGG is popular in surfing enthusiasts, due to the sheepskin boots with good warmth and comfort and gradually began to be accepted by the public, has become everyone essential supplies in winter, because the sheepskin boots to be used more snow functions in North America, initially only be used after surfing warm gradually been forgotten, ugg name synonymous with snow boots UGG brand has become.

If you want to talk about the history of UGG boots, then we will return to the 30s of the last century, farmers in Australia after labor will feel cold feet, especially in the winter, so they began with the sheepskin boots to keep the temperature of the feet, which is the originator of sheepskin boots, at that time the Australians put the sheepskin boots collectively referred to as uggs. After Royal Air Force Australia sheepskin boots are adopted, because of the limited sealing aircraft, flying at high altitude, the pilots feet warm is one of the most troublesome issue, so sheepskin boots became a pilot when flying essential supplies, from sheepskin boots more than a name called fugg or flying-ugg.

UGG initial reason behind the name called ugly boots (meaning ugly shoes). Later nickname for the Australian ugg. Also refers to a round fur boots LOGO body until 1994 by an American registered trademark of UGG Australia, and manufacturers from Australia slowly into China. After the United States began in the countries of Ugg registered trademark, but lost in the encounter Ugg Australia registered trademark of time on the grounds that the Australian Ugg has always been its own brand, it can be local footwear manufacturers use in Australia Ugg. Currently more well-known Australian native fur shoe brand is Yale’s (Yellow Earth). The company was later acquired by the Chinese to set up factories in mainland China, but also for the United States Ugg do the processing. Ugg Australia took the lead in the United States, mainland China, branding has done impressive. Not long ago, Yale’s expansion also come to the mainland market, also launched its own brand –Yellow Earth, but the two are Ugg registered trademarks, registered after the last event, Australians have begun to pay attention to a brand protection.

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