fake uggs is popular in surfing enthusiasts

What is the origin of UGG UGG brand is? The beginning of UGG is popular in surfing enthusiasts, due to the sheepskin boots with good warmth and comfort and gradually began to be accepted by the public, has become everyone essential supplies in winter, because the sheepskin boots to be used more snow functions in North America, initially only be used after surfing warm gradually been forgotten, ugg name synonymous with snow boots UGG brand has become.

If you want to talk about the history of UGG boots, then we will return to the 30s of the last century, farmers in Australia after labor will feel cold feet, especially in the winter, so they began with the sheepskin boots to keep the temperature of the feet, which is the originator of sheepskin boots, at that time the Australians put the sheepskin boots collectively referred to as uggs. After Royal Air Force Australia sheepskin boots are adopted, because of the limited sealing aircraft, flying at high altitude, the pilots feet warm is one of the most troublesome issue, so sheepskin boots became a pilot when flying essential supplies, from sheepskin boots more than a name called fugg or flying-ugg.

UGG initial reason behind the name called ugly boots (meaning ugly shoes). Later nickname for the Australian ugg. Also refers to a round fur boots LOGO body until 1994 by an American registered trademark of UGG Australia, and manufacturers from Australia slowly into China. After the United States began in the countries of Ugg registered trademark, but lost in the encounter Ugg Australia registered trademark of time on the grounds that the Australian Ugg has always been its own brand, it can be local footwear manufacturers use in Australia Ugg. Currently more well-known Australian native fur shoe brand is Yale’s (Yellow Earth). The company was later acquired by the Chinese to set up factories in mainland China, but also for the United States Ugg do the processing. Ugg Australia took the lead in the United States, mainland China, branding has done impressive. Not long ago, Yale’s expansion also come to the mainland market, also launched its own brand –Yellow Earth, but the two are Ugg registered trademarks, registered after the last event, Australians have begun to pay attention to a brand protection.

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fake uggs for sale Australia entered the spring season

Australia entered the spring season, the country began to put on the autumn mm, from the autumn, UGG becomes love fashion love beautiful girls are keen topic .UGG Australia this American brand, and star charisma to make the last few feet Chinese MM are popular in Europe and the wind began to understand more and more the UGG.

Came to Australia in 2008 before the grapes, has also been thought that UGG is a brand, working in the gift shop more than a year, gradually familiar with and understand the characteristics and differences between the various brands in the autumn comes, we share together about it!

Before entering the subject, or talk about the United States and Australia UGG UGG What’s the difference now! According to the traditional concept of the genuine UGG Australia UGG is it! This is an American brand, in a few decades ago by the American guy from Australia and from Australia to fur boots back to the United States after the establishment of the brand all the rage, I think this brand is called UGG Australia, probably it is also recognized that Australia is indeed UGG origin. Today, UGG Australia already has assembly line production, origin is China and New Zealand. UGG Australia brands, and was originally brought to the United States to the UGG, all brands, all developed by small workshop manual. After the struggle between brands, selection, out, now selling the Australian market should be regarded as the most fiery Shearers UGG, Jumbo UGG up.

Today, many sellers on Taobao also, mixed, to say Shearers UGG and Jumbo UGG no distinction is impossible, as a handle of more than 1000 pairs of UGG’s gift shop sales MM, let me come to slowly pass on it:

First: Shearers UGG Sydney brands, Jumbo UGG brand from Melbourne. shearers UGG boss is a Chinese, and Jumbo UGG boss is Russian.

Second: from the style it, Shearers UGG relatively rough style atmosphere, as supplier for many years in Europe and America, so shoes, house shoes Jumbo tube tube than a little rough a little bit. Relatively speaking, Jumbo UGG shoes than the thin and long tube (take a short paragraph is, J home higher than the S cylinder 1.5-2cm)

Third: toe. Similarly with the second, or because the style is a little delicate Jumbo UGG some of them, it’s toe is slightly narrower than the S family thing, Shearers UGG will look a little plump. (Here my personal view, I think the S family is more toe design UGG cute expression)

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